Leather and gold, sleek and serene

Chic and graceful, the CERRET safety bracelet marries elegance with security.

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Emergency calls and messages

Upon pressing twice the emergency button, your contacts will receive an automatic alert.

Live location sharing

Immediately share your realtime location for 48 hours, ensuring a fast and efficient response.

Audio evidence recording

Your phone’s microphone has now been triggered, and captures audio for 30 seconds, after which it will be available in the app.

A delicate symbol of love and protection

The CERRET safety bracelet conceals an intelligent and reliable SOS system, giving the wearer and their loved ones peace of mind wherever they go.

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how it works

1) Press the emergency button

In the event of danger, simply press the emergency button on your bracelet twice within 1.5 seconds.

2) Your emergency contacts receive a call

Your contacts receive an automated call alerting them that you need immediate help.

3) Your emergency contacts receive a message

Your contacts automatically receive an alert showing your exact location, which stays live for 48 hours.

"The CERRET bracelet doesn't just
shine, it watches over you."

“The future of luxury is a bracelet
that protects you"

"Security has never been so

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