Brand history and commitments

Born in the creative vibrancy of Geneva, CARRAT is the embodiment of a dream to create a safer world. CARRAT was born at the intersection of craftsmanship and technological innovation.

The story of CARRAT began with a simple but disturbing observation: too many people live in situations of insecurity.

Designers, engineers and jewellers worked for months to create an elegant, discreet and light bracelet that conceals revolutionary technology. The CARRAT bracelet is designed to be both a luxury accessory and a personal security tool.

Each bracelet is designed in the tradition of Geneva craftsmanship. The bracelet combines gold and silk for a feeling of luxury, comfort and serenity, while incorporating advanced location sharing and emergency alert technology.

With CARRAT, jewellery is no longer just a fashion accessory, but a symbol of protection and serenity.

Each CARRAT bracelet is an invitation to live life to the full, without fear, with the assurance that you can call for help if you need it.

CARRAT is more than a bracelet, it's a promise: the promise of a safer world where serenity is a reality accessible to all.

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